This Could Be

The oldest song on the album! This one goes all the way back to the summer of 2006 when I put pen to paper (well, more like melody to head) in order to express my feelings for this blonde college girl I was dating. We were five months in — almost twice as long as any other relationship I had been in at that point — and I was starting to think beyond months or years and more along the lines of a lifetime.

Now, when you’re a song-writer, it’s sort of an endless well you can go to if you want to impress a lady friend. But this song was more than just scoring romance points. I wanted to tell Katie — in the best way I knew how, through song — that I couldn’t shake this feeling that she could be the one for me (hence the title of the song).

I can still vividly remember Katie sitting next to me at the piano in St. Hedwig’s Church in Milwaukee as I played and sang the song for the first time. We were on bike ride and I intentionally pedaled us past the church so that I could surprise her with the tune. What Katie remembers most is when I got to the third verse and sang, “Slowly, I know this might sound crazy, but I’ve begun to see you next to me for years and years to come.” Apparently I had come to that realization before Katie had and, while she wasn’t scared or turned off by it, she was certainly surprised. (Her version of the story has her saying, “Holy sh–” to herself in her head.)

From then on she knew I was in it for the long haul. And not long after that she had her own epiphany when she, too, realized that I was the one. (Long story short, it involved my bringing a low-budget, low-class appetizer to a high-budget, high-class Bucks event. She loved that I didn’t care what anyone thought, but simply that I thought to bring something for others to share. As for me, I genuinely thought I was bringing something fun and cool that might impress my girlfriend. Although I guess it doesn’t matter how it happened, so long that it did!)

I’ve been playing this song on and off at my concerts since that fateful June day, so it’s certainly not a new one. But the arrangement is. Instead of adding vocal harmonies, I went with a cello line in the second verse and added two violins in the bridge. My buddy Mike Przygoda — who helped me out tremendously with the entire album — gave the song a great feel with acoustic guitar, bass, drums, vibraphone, organ and tambourine (he didn’t play them all at once). The end result is a piece I’m incredibly happy with and think you will be, too! You can hear an audio sample and see the lyrics below.

Update on “It’s Time” — The album is back from the mastering studio and will be uploaded to iTunes tomorrow. It will be available for digital download in about a week and physical purchase in about two weeks!

Audio Sample of “This Could Be”

Lyrics to “This Could Be”

Lately I have found I’m thinking
Of you every morning
Long before I open up my eyes.
And now I am wondering if you might be thinking
Of me every morning
Long before the sun begins to rise above.

Tell me everything about you
Tell me of your passions
And everything that makes you who you are.
I can’t remember feeling so inspired
Or such a strong desire
To open up and let somebody in
And this could be.
This could be.
This could be.

‘Cause the person that you are
Is the person that I’ve longed for years to find.
Someone to help me,
To challenge me and raise me to new heights.
And here you stand
Behind me.
Beside me.
You lead me.
Behind me.
Beside me.
You lead me.
You lead me.

Slowly, I know this might sound crazy,
But I’ve begun to see me next to you
For years and years to come.
And those who know me know that it’s unlike me
To think about what could be,
But then again, it’s you I’m thinking of
And this could be.
This could be.
This could be.

“This Could Be” is a song off of Matt’s newest album, “It’s Time,” a collection of 11 original songs released in January, 2013. For more information on how to purchase, please visit

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