Baseball down under

Apparently Australia has baseball. How do I know? Because I had this email in my inbox this morning:

Hi Matt,

The members of the Baseball Umpires’ Association of South Australia (BUASA) send you their regards. They really love your song.

I mean, really love it.

All the best.

(Signed by one of the umps)

My favorite emails to get about my music are from people I’ve never met. It makes me think that slowly but surely my music is creeping its way into new pockets of the world and earning me new fans. Or if nothing else it’s a comfort to know that thanks to the Internet anyone in any country can stumble upon one of my songs.

I wrote this guy back and told him his email made my day. And that I had no idea they played baseball in Australia. Maybe the Cubs should send some scouts there to find some talent …

And now all this talk about baseball has me excited for spring training. So I’ll leave you with the 2007 Concert for Life version of the Baseball Song.

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