Old Journal Entries

I’ve been keeping a journal on MattWesselMusic.com since I registered the domain name back in 2002. Entries from then up until the end of 2012 (10 years!) can be access using the links below. They are grouped into four different groups.

Really Old Entries (March, 2002 – May, 2003)

These are the first journals I ever kept on the site back when I was a junior and senior in college. That seems like forever ago!

All Other Entries (August, 2003 – January, 2012)

Every journal since I graduated from college up until the start of 2012. The file names have the date of the journal in them. Unfortunately, they’re categorized by month and not by actual day.

Milwaukee to Munich (January, 2012 – December, 2012)

I replaced my regular blog with this one for the year that Katie and I lived in Munich, Germany.

Dave’s Journal (March, 2002 – June, 2005)

My good friend and college roommate, Dave, wrote journals for my site while we were in college and for a few years after we graduates. He’s a great, great writer with a hilariously witty style.


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